Friday, July 12, 2013

Making a weighted blanket???

Well scour the internet, you will find every tutorial out there to make a weighted blanket... but I have the suggestions I couldn't find. Cookie and Peanut needed weighted blankets, I contemplated on making one or buying, but at $50+ I couldn't afford it. I made two weighted blankets.

* The weight should be 10% of the person's weight. People say you can add a pound, but the blankets get pretty heavy... I'd error on the side of caution because the fabric will also add weight.

* Shop the discount racks! I got flannel for $3 a yard!

* I'm not an expert sewer, I hate sewing. So instead of dealing with batting, I got a quilted fabric for $5 a yard... that meant no messy batting!

* Poly pellets were out of my price range... it would cost a fortune to use them! I also didn't want to use a food item because of the rotting/ lack of being able to wash it... and attracting bugs! EWW. So what did I use? Well I went to the fish isle and got some river rock (not that dusty yucky fish gravel... the actual rock (gravel- pebbles). I had found somewhere that rocks were actually better to use because they are more concentrated weight. The bag was 25 lbs and cost me roughly $12

* Make sure you pin the back to the front when sewing. Sew columns... (I sewed as many columns as I needed lbs) So for Peanut... 3 columns for a 3lb blanket... and for Cookie it was 5 columns for a 5lb blanket.

* When you sew the rows, it gets to be challenging. I put 2 oz in each box... and made 8 rows. The challenge is the blanket gets REALLY heavy. Plus it is time consuming to fill... pin... sew. With Cookie, I used a striped fabric, which reduced the need to pin for rows!

* For both Peanut and Cookie... I chose to use 2 yards of fabric... that was plenty!

I made each blanket for about $20 or less!