Monday, July 8, 2013

Activities for the Sensational Child

Here are some things we do:

*Roll her up in a blanket and roll her around the floor
*Roll a yoga ball up and down her back
*Therapy Brushing
*Monster Doh (similar to play doh but stickier and thicker)
*Wall pushes, push ups, jumps
*Sensory box: Full of things that make lights, different textures, teething items if necessary, etc.
*Bean bags and floor time- yes even for older kids!
*Swings... we have a kid sized porch swing
*Vibrating teethers to prevent biting
*Crawl tents
*Calming music
*Communication cards- Cookie is verbal but still needs emotion cards or need cards at times to prevent tantrums
*Squeeze time- BEAR HUGS!
*Calming Jars- Super easy to make (Glitter glue, glitter, water, jar)
*Fidgets (toys to fidget with)
*Weighted Lap pad
*Integrated Listening

Here are some things that other parents do:

*Bean or rice boxes to dig in
*Chew tubes
*Obstacle course
*Sound proof headphones
*Crash mats
*Sand box
*Therapy Swings
*Finger paints
*Weighted blankets, Stuffed animals, backpacks, etc.
*Therapeutic Listening, Advanced Brain
*Ear plugs

Got more ideas? List them!